On 18 windows of a house in the Bukharan Quarter is a continuous dedicatory inscription. It is incised in the stone below the exterior windows, on two façades. Other inscriptions appear on keystones and in the interior.

The first part of the inscription appears on six windows on the south façade of a Bukharan house, built at the beginning of the 20th century. It reads: “I, servant of God, blessed be His name, dedicated all houses and this Yeshiva, H[aji] Yehezkel son of Ya’acov Halevi, may God guard and preserve him”. The rest of the dedicatory inscription appears on other windows, stating that the buildings are in trust, to be administered as “time and circumstances require”, may never be sold, pledged or mortgaged, and the building be named forever, until the arrival of the Messiah, “the Yehezkel Building”.

The Haji Yehezkel Building, 28 Adoniyahu HaCohen Street, Bukharan Quarter (see Detail of Two Windows and Eighteen Window Dedicatory Plaque).