Buildings in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are not only of urban architectural and design interest. The façades and walls of many buildings on the main streets are a public show-case of Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) traditions, customs, ideologies and controversies. Some of the streets, like Me’a She’arim Street, are a continuous public notice board, covered with numerous posters known as “pashkvilim” (posters – in Polish). This medium is used mainly to dispute, attack or undermine a person or a group within, or outside the Haredi community. The discussions raised in the pashkvilim deal mainly with the violation of Jewish laws; objections to the enlistment of Haredi men to the IDF, and archeological excavations. Many pashkvilim express anti-Zionist, anti-government or anti-municipality ideologies and policies.

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    21th century
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    Pashkvilim / Posters & Graffiti
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