Christian ironwork is a dominant feature in both the aesthetics of external façades and in the interiors of churches and institutional buildings. It is apparent in many facets of the cityscape – in gates, doors, window grilles, balcony and stairway railings, street lamps, weather vanes and various furniture fittings. The distinction is in the intricate designs, the abundance of crosses and the inclusion of significant Christian symbols. Some motifs and patterns are specific to certain Christian communities and differs them from other communities – be it Jewish or Muslim, or within the Christian community. Armenian designers, for example, established a unique and highly stylized vocabulary of intricate designs; likewise, wrought iron gates of most Catholic institutional buildings share visual identities in their similar decorative patterns. In the early 20th century industrialized cast-iron ornaments, mainly balcony and stairway balustrades and railings, were introduced into Christian buildings.